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Let's get personal.


Behind the name

It’s the state of mind that comes to many of us near the water. Growing up a swimmer and living near lakes, the water has always been a place of tranquility —especially the ocean. It’s where I get some of my best ideas.

Similar to a perfect day at the beach, I aspire to make all clients feel a sense of clarity and empowerment throughout the entirety of the project and beyond our time working together. 

Liz, Founder

Behind the person

Similar to most NYC transplants, I moved there with empty pockets and big dreams. The incredible unifier of people who move to the city is this wild vision in their heads of how “moving to New York” will unfold. Quite often, that path is far from linear and my journey was no different.

I envisioned myself climbing the corporate ladder at an ad agency in some creative role. I ended up working behind a bar, meeting my husband in a restaurant, and making a life for myself out of the hospitality industry. As my first year in the city turned to 4 years quickly, I began to search for ways to incorporate my love for storytelling, good branding, and killer design all while channeling my deep passion for service that was kindled in the restaurant biz. Big Wave Studio was formed from that melting pot and has become my true passion.

While I'm no longer in New York, Big Wave was born there and forever feels connected. When I’m not brewing a clever strategy for your brand’s big goals or whipping up a fresh design, you can find me biking through my new home of Buffalo, NY, experimenting with my film camera, teaching our border collie the latest trick, or dreaming of the next trip to my husband’s homeland of Colombia and the stunning landscapes it offers.

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